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Dani Gabriel is an artist and freelance illustrator who specializes in her own unique style she developed called STIBI. STIBI(s) are a cross between the kawaii chibi styles seen from Japanese animations with a blend of child-like stick figures. 

Dani earned her AA degree in Art &

Art Education at Miami Dade College, and then went on to earn her BFA and MFA degree as a painter / print-maker at the University of Miami. She works as an adjunct art professor teaching 2D courses, and art / cinema appreciation. Besides teaching she also works as a fine artist, if interested, her artwork can be viewed on her artist site {www.danielegabriel.com}.

She also tables at art festivals or geek conventions, and freelances for local filmmakers as a poster/print designer. She can be seen drawing charming characters at her desk, binge watching anime or sci-fi shows, wearing fantastical costumes even though it’s not Halloween, or reading books on witches, unicorns, and mermaids.

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